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Songs from the heart of depression

Our second independent release.
Thank you for supporting us.


released April 29, 2014

Vocals: Daniel Mies
Guitar: Niko Poortmans
Drums: Wim Van Der Westen
Keyboards: Jonas van Esch
Bass: Herwig Scheck

All songs written and composed by QUIET
'Giant Killer' mixed by Huub Reijnders at
All other songs mixed by Herwig Scheck at Prunes&Spoons
Mastered by Tom Lodewijckx at
Artwork by QUIET & LaPresidenta
Cover photos by Jorge Hunt



all rights reserved



QUIET Belgium

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Track Name: Giant Killer
Giant Killer

there was trauma,
there were overwhelming signs
of a struggle
there was torture
and this human dignity,
it was nowhere to be seen

oh the only thing we do,
is just quietly obey,
hoping it will grant us some delay
then we bite into the boils,
just to keep this beast at bay,
hoping to prolong our sorry stay

our leprosy
won’t keep us out of harm’s way

this is all your making,
this is all your fault
is this what you came here for?

there was carnage
out for everyone to see,
it was systematic

oh there is no chance in hell
at a perfect getaway,
this is the stage of disarray
as the claw opens your vein
and your faith begins to sway,
you’ll accept this price we have to pay
Track Name: The Hideous Fires
The hideous fires

I’m getting better and better at discarding these memories of mine
we can make it official: it’s summertime
we make love in slow-motion and everything is perfectly aligned
it’s the reincarnation of summertime
once again you’ve uncovered a painful truth of humankind
we’re gonna be sorry it’s summertime

I bet you never thought that your whole heart would go in loop
you never thought you would grow tired
I bet you thought that there was plenty more where this came from
you never thought it would expire

there’s always a hand of ice that will be laid upon your heart

it’s amusing to me to stand here and see everything unwind
there’s no one to notice it’s summertime

I had outlive these problems long before you came
I think I’ll manage to continue
I’ve yet to see someone untouched by circumstance
‘cause no one knows what he gets into
We will all depart and we’ll leave these worries of the heart
Track Name: A Certain Way
A certain way

my adulations may have changed
but down the line,
my heart remains the same
I’ve built this chamber just for you,
it’s where we’ll live,
the day we’ve seen this through

we all want to be a certain way
somewhat better

living in a lie is so much better

you’ve moved out for a year or so,
or maybe ten,
it’s just too soon to know
sink into a dreamless sleep
of lethargy,
where nothing is for keeps

since we’ve reduced our lives to this,
it brought me nothing of the sort
since we’ve reduced our lives to this (accord)
Track Name: Water Down The Well
Water down the well

is there anything we can still talk about?
is there anything I can say to you?
and you won’t understand where I’m coming from
you won’t understand what I say
and you won’t understand me

it’s all water down the well, trying to explain water down the well
this is what I say

is there any point at all in being more than superficial?
is there something that your common sense will not derive?
and you won’t understand where I’m coming from
you won’t understand anything I have to say
you won’t understand where my heart belongs
you won’t understand, you won’t understand
Track Name: Kill Me Now
Kill me now

if everyday from here on end is just like this
if every feeling that I have, feels amiss
if I have to force myself to stand up right
if I have to wait for the morning light to find my face, then…

please, kill me now

if all the stings I get from love will be this cold
if all the wonders trapped inside, never unfold
if I give it all, only to get pushed back by the wind
if I open up completely but still no one wants to let me in, then…
Track Name: Needs/Wants
Needs vs wants

I won’t tell you, tell you anything at all
I will show you how I feel

I really don’t expect that much
‘cause I don’t know what I really need
I fail to put it into words,
‘cause I fear that
I might say things
that cause these deeper love to bleed.

I won’t tell you, tell you anything at all,
I’m gonna show you how I feel

and what you feel is what you really want,
your pain is anything but real
anything you do is
gone before it happens
and you know,
you’ll see your legacy revealed
‘cause you won’t do
what you have to
and you won’t see
what you need to

everything is lost along the way,
there is truly nothing
Track Name: Off The Hook
Off the hook

take me off the hook for a while,
I’ve been coughing blood
for a long, long time
there is nothing up here for me,
only more of the same
and less in my name

all that I am,
is this all I can be?
then I’m sick to death of me

how did we
get to this
point where nothing
ever is what it seems
and where people are pointless
why did we
leave each other
in the dark
where everything seems to be lost
and where people are pointless

take no calls
and say it to the wind,
hang yourself out to dry
Track Name: Bitterness

day in, day out
we’re disallowed to feel,
we’re not allowed to feel
day in, day out
we’re not allowed to love the ones we love

you could pull the roots of my bitterness,
you could put my spirit on display
you might be the only thing that means a thing
you could pull the roots of my bitterness,
you can drag my soul out
you might be the only thing that means a thing

(stay close to each other,
stay close to the simple things)

this is the last day,
we’re falling into place,
falling off the face

opening my violet scars
is like looking at refracting stars
I see things still to occur
opening my violet scars
is like looking at refracting stars
I see things that never were
Track Name: Indigo

the shadow trees
will shine a darkness on the water
the stream will cut a new path
clear for your descent
the color of the mountain
changes every hour
and you will forfeit all your options
in the end

points, are deducted

apply yourself
see things twisted into order
points are deducted
every time you raise your hand

this is the spectrum indigo
this is the light in which we...

you will forfeit all your options in the end
your conceptions are erased before the end

this is the spectrum indigo
this is the light in which we scatter
this is the spectrum indigo
it lights the things that shouldn't matter

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